100% pure and natural desi ghee available in all grocery stores in town.

Asian Dairies is working since 1995. It engaged in making “Pak Desi Ghee and Pak Butter” at the Danish Plant. The final product is also delivered only upon a series of final test conducted in accordance with ISO standard. We have a well-established client based inside and outside Pakistan.

Pak Desi Ghee & Butter is available in modern pouch and tin packing, Easy to use and preserve.

Natural Taste & Full of Nutrients

Pak Desi Ghee and butter spices formulations are created using the finest fresh ingredients available. The process used to grind Pak Desi Ghee and butter products a very complex one that enables us to preserve the freshness in each and every tin of Pak Desi Ghee and butter spices.


What Our Clients Saying

“I have been using PAK DESI GHEE, 100% for cooking purposes since 2 years after the doctors advise during the disease intestinal ulcers. I see that my body responds better with PAK DESI GHEE as compare to any other oil. It doesn’t mean Pak Desi Ghee was the cure-all for me, but it has been the best fat for cooking purposes to keep me healing path.”

Mrs Afshan Naaz(Islamabad)

“Pak Desi Ghee is truly the superb desi ghee, I have ever had. It's so pure, and it has a positive impact on my health too. After starting adding little Pak Desi Ghee in everyday food, I lost weight! Had heard that desi ghee promotes good health, but I only felt it happen when I started using Pak Desi Ghee.”

Mrs. Tehseen(Lahore)

“You have been created so appreciative product, it meets the needs of those of us wanting to benefit from the nutrient-dense value of fully pastured butter but without the casein, so many cannot tolerate it. This is the truly delicious and unique accomplishment of desi ghee “PAK DESI GHEE”

Mrs. Nazli(DHA, Lahore)

“I just wanted to tell you that the PAK DESI GHEE is amazing! Everyone will like its real taste, Thank you very much Asian Dairies for preparing such a nice product.”

Miss Areeba(Multan)

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